Believe The Machine

by Riddler

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Dust To Dust 03:45
Dust to Dust Take away your storm, So I can burn tonight, Need to break these arms of love. ‘cos nothing here feels right, I need to feel nothing, And you stop me from passing by. The sun comes up in a stormy sky, Hits me right between the eyes. You know the reason why, I need to feel nothing, And you stop me from passing by. I need to feel nothing, But it gets harder every time I try. I’ll be running through my dreams, To catch you behind me. Climbing up these walls, Of love that confine me, Feeding my desire, To be with you only, Knocking down this feeling, I’m keeping inside me. Now I wait for you, And it don’t feel right, You take away, replace, Cover up, deny. And now I ask you why, I want to feel nothing, But you stop me from passing by. I need to feel nothing, And it gets harder every time I try.
I Am The Machine It’s ok, take your time, Give yourself some space to breathe, Too many people are talking, There words keep on falling, Like autumn leaves. Though my mind keeps wondering, My thoughts keep me strong, Keep washing the time from your hands, And just keep moving on. I’ve been searching, I’ve been wondering, Why don’t you, Why don’t you, I’ve been searching, I’ve been wondering, Why won’t you, Why won’t you, Let me see what I see, Let me take what I need... I am the machine. I’ve been taking my time, I will not give it back, And though my memory comes and goes, I’ll just keep on running, And just keep on using what I’m made of. Take more time, Have it all, These days will move on past, The autumn leaves, they’ll break your fall, And where they’ve gone, Some things will always last. Let me ease your fall, This is what I’m made for, I am the machine.
Keep Running 04:59
Keep Running As people talk, And twist their tails, We bite and scratch, And tear our nails. The daily grind, Of teeth waiting, To open up, Swallow us in. Keep running, Keep moving on, Keep running, On and on. (It’s on my mind, mind, mind, All the time, time, time.) The sound of rain, Will never stop, The echoing, Of every drop. So do you feel, How I feel in the rain, As it pounds the ground, Again and again. So many ways, Nobody knows, These are the days, Of fists and blows. So turn your blues to black And your back on the blues And now let’s see, Some things look too easy, If you don’t let them in to your reality.
You’re so bored of riding on the wind, get everything out, let nothing in. Tick tack toe, Fun foe fumble, you can hold me down, but I’ll get nothing done. I who owe you nothing, have dreamed, I who take nothing, believe the dream is over. The dream is over. You stumbled on a temple and burnt it to the ground, wait now can you hear that sound, a thousand tiny footsteps a marching to a drum, they’re the ones who escaped when you lifted your thumb. Now I’ve been a slave to the rhythm, and I’ve been a whore to the pain. Karma’s creeping up on you ‘cos, you did it again. You’ve been sipping on the moonshine far too long. I’ve been trying not to loose time, what went wrong? I who owe you nothing, have dreamed, I who take nothing, believe the dream is over. The dream is over.
Towers 04:29
Towers You walk out the room, I try to fill the gloom, But nothing fits the space. Only these walls can see my face. I’m so misplaced inside myself And it’s there to stay, Waiting to leave, Will you, Be back some day. I’m so tired...what have we done? Time turns through the guts of a gun. Aggressive sympathies, Build towers for you and me, At the edge of insanity, Where all things of meaning are said and done. Hide your hands, With them you see. Your veins pump the fuel for the fury Between You and me, You’re so misplaced inside yourself, And it’s there to stay.
The Night 04:27
The Night Feeling so much I can’t speak, Take my words and fall Beneath the sinking sun. If we choose to fight and never sleep Silence covers ground beneath the sinking sun. Watch the sun go down. Beneath the sound of the ground. Let’s sleep tonight and not fight And we just might Make it through the night I turn to falling sand Escaping through the gaps When you opened your hand Let me sleep tonight and not fight, We just might Make it through the night. Now I stand so still But how you used to move me Against all my will With power like you fooled me.
Sunshine 04:31
Sunshine Hide your eyes, From the shine of the sun. This new day has now begun. And hold it in your hand. Keep it still For when the night time stars shine again. Sunshine. Raise your mind, To the beat of your hand, Hazy feelings, Brought to you on demand. All you need, memories, simplicities, just you and me, And sunshine. Remember when we are walking, The sun shined as we were talking, The world just rested my mind.
I Send You All My Love I send you all my love I hope you get it I think that it’s enough I hope you get it If you keep my love Once you get it I’ll thank the gods above I don’t know if they’ll get it If it’s the right time I’ll wait for you to say you will be mine That’d be so fine If I’ve got the wrong line I’ll have to get you right out a my mind Just show me a sign Now I’ve been thinking About the way you move right in and out of my mind I can’t define This feeling That I hope if there’s a chance for you and I It won’t take too much time
Man Next Door. In this time of change, Human nature turns into something so strange. He sells his soul so they can shoot at night. The man next door sells guns for money, But then he’s not that bright. There’s a man selling guns next door He sells them to the rich, And he sells them to the poor, I dunno what the hell they use them for, There’s a man selling guns next door. If we re-arrange the symmetry of things So we all look the same, Will they come after us when we are sleepin tight Should we keep secret things we’ve seen, Across the street at night.
Words of Gold. I see the strangeness in your eyes, It echoes, hits the wall, Returning somewhere inside, To touch the one that falls. I cannot hide, I turn to face the cold, The twisted tongue you have tied, Would whisper words of gold. Gold gold gold, You’re shaking up my Soul soul soul, You bring the rhythm into my world, I hear you whisper words of gold. You see I never fall easy, With the sticks and stones. Come back to me honey, You bring the rhythm to my bones. Here comes the night time, The moon spins around and around, Keeps on spinning around until they drown.
Insomnia 04:19
Insomnia You set aside the time, I realise you needed nothing back, Melody maker man, Help me understand, Need the feeling back, You see I’m not the kind, To mastermind, The sense that I lack, So put the past aside. Difficult to sometimes, Do we try before we keep and how long is forever Always or never Find it hard to sleep sometimes, alone and not together Always or never Give to me your beating heart Wrap it round my every part In the cold I need a friend Hold me till we meet our end. Help me find a piece of mind Of a different kind, For reasons I’m not sure, I need a second sight, In the creepin night, The shadows slide the floor. Now we move closer still, We can full fill, Our sense that we need more, Of what we’ve not enough, The day creeps above, Show us what our time is for. Not quite what I had in mind, This taking kind, Give the feeling back. Melody maker man, Help me understand, Let me get the feeling back.
Bitch of a Glitch It’s a bitch of a glitch, Always wanting more, It’s a tight fighting fit, Leaves you clutching the floor, Is it me or myself? Reflections and open doors. It’s a bitch of a glitch, And it leaves you needing so much more. If you come running, I’ll turn with open arms, This is the best of one thing, No one can do you harm. This ground keeps on spinning, Then turns to silent floors. This is the beginning ending, No one has waited for. You keep on chasing the setting sun, You know you’re wrong if you need no one.
We are the Worriers We are the Worriers, No one knows my name. We are the Worriers, We walk down dark halls, Through the mist and rain. I said I’m gonna get on. Gotta get on, gotta get on to the higher ground. Gotta get on, gotta get on from the lost and found. If you see me walking through these empty halls, We’re the worriers, Afraid to fall. Closed in spaces crowd round these days, A million faces all look the same, If you see me walking through these empty halls, We’re the worriers, Afraid to fall. What can we do, There’s no way through to the higher ground. We’ve gotta get on, I’ve gotta move on, but the sound’s too loud. If you help me find my way through these four walls, We’ll be the warriors, We see it all.
My only Window I give my hands, arms, Beating motion of my own, You take them all, everything, Till I twist like breaking bone, Tell me the truth till I die, Including every reason why, You let go without a care, And let importance pass you by. And it’s a shame, You were my only window, But from outside, You’re just an empty frame. You pocket smiles from a crowd, Till they realise and learn, You’d take a young girl back, When there’s no room in bed at home, Do anything to fake the taste of success, You’d give the soles of your shoes, Just as long as there’s tequila left. When the cold light of day, Rests its light where you wake, Just remember you lie in the bed, You’ve been too busy to make, And the strings of your pieces, Are tied tight around your neck, Your hands and your feet bound, With sorrows and regrets.


released April 1, 2012

Written, Engineered & Mixed by Riddler
Mastered by Lee Richardson -

Additional recording @ Jubilee Studios & Blue Bunker Studio.

See full versions at

Debbie Attwell -
Emilie Bailey -
Rosie Emerson -
Pippa Evans
Anneliese Shaw
Ben Yates -


all rights reserved



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